other side of the wall

other side of the wall

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Midnight Snack

April 2, 2014 , , , , , , , , , , , ,


Curl up in the reclining chair

next to the hospital bed

scoffing at eight hour old dinner,

I offer and you shake your head.


I miss home but I would be

wherever you were so

I pull the blanket up over me;

anchor the bottom with my toe.


I contemplate eating your old,

cold, fried chicken finger but

alas I find some sense of self

respect; still grumbling in my gut.


They pump you with chemo

Why do they serve this crap anyway?

Stupid blanket won’t stay put.

Screw it, I’m going to be cold anyway.


Check to see you’re sleeping peaceful

and find myself shuffling down the hall

seeking the nourishment I left in the fridge.

It better be there because I’m eating it all.


Fling the door open and search for

my labeled morsels; a treat just for me

search over popsicles and hot dogs

where is my little container of therapy?


A few minutes later, I shuffle back to my room

smiling at awake nurses along the way

self-respect a distant memory in my quest,

but I have no explanation, nothing to say.


Check to see you’re still sleeping peaceful.

Fix your blankets and prop up your pillows.

Seated, drape the blanket over my legs

to eat my cookie dough ice cream sorrows.

© 2014 by Leenadria


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