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other side of the wall

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Of Faith in the Valley

November 25, 2012

Of Faith in the Valley

Your perfect love, a limitless valley.

You submit and give unknowingly.

Bearing unfairly weighted burdens,

in each moment without pretense.

You live with exhilaration, and

though the days have aged our

sensibilities, somehow  our spirituality,

you draw us into Him.

In spite of ourselves, we find ourselves-


Intense warmth. Recognition.

Knowing He sees us. Proving His truth,

the reality of His stake in us.

Desperate attempts to ignore Him

in disapproval of this chosen task.

Our souls scream at the incompatibility.

Yet you complain not.

Only asking with an outreached hand

that we stand with you.

You open yourself willingly;

unconcerned with that which is to come.

We watch. We think we can feel.

Desperate prayers pour from our mouths

over you, consume you. With our eyes,

we ask too much. Your hand on my face.

Your love reciprocated again.

You give; and we will continue to take;

to delight in you; to bathe in your

laughter. Our delicate bridge.

A bond to Him, we have thus far

been unable to deny.

© 2011 Leenadria